Why I Began Making Soap

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I receive emails and phone calls on a regular basis about soap, skin care and health questions. I have been answering them individually for a long time when, really, the best way would have been blogging. The information could have been available for others who have the same questions and I would have been connecting many of you to the sites and people that I have found to be trustworthy over the years. Thus begins my blogging journey.

My hope is to share the difference between truly good, natural skin care and big business “natural” skin care. I am hoping to share other blogs, foundations and groups that are doing a great job at teaching this same topic. I do not by any means believe that I have skin care and health all figured out, but I do spend a great deal of time trying to find the best ingredients to put in the products we make. I am going to talk about the process and components used in soap vs. commercial detergents, why ingredients found in nature are so amazing and even the specific benefits of individual ingredients.

I began making soap about 9 years ago because I was fed up with having terrible skin and feeling like the cosmetics companies were lying to me about their products. I couldn’t read or understand the labels and nothing but steroid creams seemed to keep my eczema under control. I wasn’t ok with using strong chemicals to solve a problem that I shouldn’t have been experiencing in the first place. I began to see handmade soaps in the farmers markets and small boutiques. When I used them my skin seemed to have the strength to heal itself and my dry skin wasn’t so flaky and itchy anymore. I then decided that “if they can do it so can I”. With that I began researching how to make soap and what ingredients are best for different skin types. I spent about a year studying before I even made my first batch, yet with that first batch I was hooked. I loved making soap more than anything else I have ever made; the science of it, the creativity and the endless options I could explore.

After my initial love affair with soap I began to become curious about all aspects of skin care: lotion, lip balm, deodorants and more. This is when my repulsion of cosmetic companies truly began.  And this dismay covers two aspects; the first being the damage commercial companies knowingly inflict on their customers health and the environment. The second, being the enormous sums charged for inferior cosmetics just because they have a name brand, fancy label or the word natural on the front. These are the experiences that have made me into what I am today: a soapmaker with nice skin and an understanding of what most cosmetic labels say. I have a strong desire for everyone else to have beautiful skin and the knowledge of what is in their cosmetics.

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